Choose Happiness Day

September 5th

Choose Happiness Day is dedicated to all those who are struggling, have hardships, and choose to find happiness in the simple things in life. 

Choose Happiness Day History

Choose Happiness Day was inspired by the children of Patti Jewel, a single mother who struggled through plenty of hardships trying to manage raising her children on her own. With every hardship, she always tried to find the happy moments and share the positive aspects of life with her kids. Her lesson was that it is always ok to get upset about things in life, it’s ok to have negative emotions when things get hard. But then always look for the positive things through the pain and hardships. Always find something to be happy about.

She was always inspired by the childlike behavior of children who could laugh and giggle at the smallest things even when their lives are being disrupted. Finding the happiness, making life fun, smiling at the good things rather than focusing on the bad, sharing giggles, is what makes life easier. 

Realizing that sometimes happiness is a choice, this day is to inspire everyone to choose to be happy and find happiness no matter what hardships you are facing. Find giggles in the small things. Share a smile and create a happy moment. 

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Celebrate Choose Happiness Day

To celebrate Choose Happiness Day, simply choose to be happy, no matter what! Find joy in the small things, share jokes, tell funny stories, make others happy and choose to live with happiness. 


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