Choose Happiness Day

September 5th

Choose Happiness Day is dedicated to all those who are struggling, have hardships, and still find a way to be happy. Sometimes we have to choose happiness. 

Choose Happiness Day History

Choose Happiness Day was inspired by the children of a single mother who struggled through plenty of hardships trying to manage raising her children on her own. Her family was forced to move due to the landlord not paying the mortgage (even though she paid her rent), when the real estate market fell back in 2008. Then year after year, similar issues presented themselves causing them to move repeatedly. With each move and hardship, she encouraged her kids to be happy and look at each hardship as an adventure. The change and moves became a positive happy time with new experiences. Realizing that sometimes happiness is a choice, this day is to inspire everyone to choose to be happy no matter what the hardships are that you are facing. 

Choose Happiness Day is officially designated by‘s Holiday Registrar. 

Celebrate Choose Happiness Day

To celebrate Choose Happiness Day, simply choose to be happy, no matter what! Find joy in the small things, share jokes, tell funny stories, make others happy and choose to live with happiness. 


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